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  • Brian Cormick
    commented 2016-08-10 20:53:51 +1000
    WorkSafe is a Franchise having 6 Chartered Insurance companies and providing them the same extensive manuals each i.e. Injured Workers are a multi million dollar business. It has an ‘in-the-black’ bank account of about 2 billion dollars. Ted Balieu withdrew $400,000,000 – say about 2011 to run the State of Victoria and was that impressed he did the same $400,000,000 withdrawal to run the State of Victoria in 2012. He resigned ‘mysteriously’ within the month. Business has a legal right to ‘protect-it’s-dollar’ thus WorkSafe have the legal right for a second medical opinion called an Independent Medical Examiner (IME). Here a Psychiatrist is paid nearly $1,000 for an Interview and Report by the Insurance Company – conversely the Injured Workers Psychiatrist is paid approx. 1/4 of this amount. Human nature dictates that to protect a lucrative income a second opinion that is contrary may attract more appointments from the Insurance Company. If a contrary Report is forthcoming this is of extreme damage & is grossly negatively confusing and mischievous to the vulnerable Injured Worker – unable to defend them-self – and having a contrary opinion to their Chosen Doctor. It seems to be away from all that is caring, good, best practice, responsible, duty of care and all human rights.
    Recently in 2009 WorkSafe began to pay Superannuation but these payments need to be made retrospective; as they are only applicable after 2009.
    Despite the Chosen Doctors recommendations for Home Help an Occupational Therapist is sent into the Injured Workers private place of living. This Assessment seems to be ascertained on a ‘sliding scale of severity of Injury’ rather than individual needs. So, if the Injured Worker is mobile but severely depressed and has no motivation – there is no box to tick for this i.e. it is too difficult.
    Further, it is to the financial interest of all employed by an Insurance Company to produce Reports that have ‘hatchet’ results to an Injured Workers Benefits possibly enhancing ongoing contracts.
    WorkSafe never let-go of an Injured Worker thus maintaining the sick role with regular monthly sick certificates, interestingly called Certificate of Capacity (CoC). This is extended to 3 monthly post ‘winning’ a case. So, if Injured when young it is feasible – after approx. 10 years of legal battling (120 CoC) – to have a chronic medical condition (no cure) with another 120 Dr. visits for a 40 year old injury. It would be far more manageable & empathetic to just do Lump Sum payments and be free of each other.
    I suspect financial gain to Insurance Companies/WorkSafe as the sick, frail, vulnerable Injured Worker is ‘bashed’ into red-tape submission i.e. it is cheaper for WorkSafe to drag it out over the rest of the life of the Injured worker.
    I was a Psychiatric Nurse attacked in the course of my duties on 3 different occasions – as WorkSafe kept sending me back to work. On the second attack I was serially attacked over 48 hours in 4 days. Despite Police Report & an Incident Report – the attacks were denied as occurring. I had the privilege of challenging this WorkSafe decision. I had to get a Lawyer – whom are extremely aggressive – in this area of Law. After 18 months a Full Schedule Payment was received for 30 months. This was 42 months later and an entire year of pay was missed. I complained to Travis Fewster of ClarkToop & Taylor and was told don’t complain they have paid you this to ‘fuck you off.’ I have never received the Home Help or Medical and Like Expenses required post that 30 month period, for that Claim .
    I had 5 Lawyer firms & as I pressed them for solutions/results they became agitated, frustrated and would ‘run away’ by ‘sacking’ me.
    I had 2 different employers and was attacked in 2 different locations – so this was 2 cases. The last attack was heard 1st. This culminated in 2012, the Forensice Psychiatrist Dr Lester Walton saying it was testament to my character to return to work – without any Return to Work programme offered by WorkSafe. He also said it was inevitable work would result in PTSD with severe depression. My Lawyer stated that as he has said this it was my fault I was attacked i.e I was responsible for the attack.
    I had had enough after 8 years and had to stop. I was suicidal.He said WorkSafe would pay weekly Entitlements of $650 (a lot less than the Full Schedule Amount of $1,100 paid in 2009) plus Medical & Like Expenses and Home Help – which had been slashed from more than 1/2.
    The reason for the $650 payment instead of the $1,100 payment is I returned to work – but being very sick could only work minimal hours or casual – say 2 or so days per week. So, by returning to work – trying to do the right thing- I nearly halved my prospective payments.

    This is less than 10% of the story.

    Simply put – after 50 years or so, WorkSafe is an extremely well oiled massive money making franchise, on the back of Injured Workers AND it is all ‘stitched-up’, with anyone having serious intent to ‘tackle’ WorkSafe’ will be doing so at their own jeopardy.

    The ISCRR Institute for Safety, Compensation & Recovery Research will not return my emails yet keep sending emails inviting Registration Fees of hundreds of dollars – which being an Injured Worker I cannot afford.

    Injured Workers Groups Members are so damaged only minuscule and possible irrelevant functioning results occur. Others with Nurses at the helm either cannot conceptualize (there is no frame work of understanding) or those injured are completely subservient to the system i.e. there is no stand together with methodical approach of persistent and relentless change of not only the Legislation but the interpretation and implementation of that legislation. Such a professional and well organized body will require a 100 year plan. This needs to be funded by the massive profit of WorkSafe and be 100% autonomous.
    WorkSafe either needs to be scrapped immediately and replaced as a Government run Public Service or it will take years and years and years to slowly change what has taken 50 years to be at the present juggernaut.

    Brian Cormick,
  • Warren smith
    commented 2016-08-09 19:52:22 +1000
    As a HSR representitive in my work place in geelong,i have been very disappointed in work safe ,they dont seen to listen to the HSR and they take the companys side most of the time.
    Iv complained about forlift drivers not getting there Brakes and they raise there eye at me and walk off with the boss,Not good enough.
    They have changed a 2 person job into one and let the boss also turn up speeds on the machines while that one person struggles,Not good enough.
    I think its about time that we had some new work safe reps or at least rotate them around to diferent sights so we dont get the same one takeing the companys side all the time.Its out of control


  • Edwina Byrne
    published this page 2016-06-27 14:54:04 +1000