Injured Workers Win: Insurance Companies Apologise


Injured workers came together after the Injured Workers Forum & the release of the Victorian Ombudsman's Report Investigation into the management of complex workers compensation claims and WorkSafe oversight to support each other and fight for what's right.

The Ombudsman's Report revealed callous internal staff emails rewarding teams for early terminations of cases, and rampant 'doctor shopping'. We know that this cruel and dehumanising behaviour pushes many injured workers to contemplate suicide.

We want justice, and we want change. That starts with insurance companies acknowledging what they've done is wrong.

Injured workers launched petitions, went on national television and protested outside WorkCover Agents' CBD Offices in Melbourne.

After campaigning for 4 weeks, ALL FOUR remaining WorkCover Agents have apologised for their appalling, dehumanising treatment of injured workers.

You can read the apologies from Allianz, CGU Insurance, GallagherBassett and Xchanging.

Have you been injured at work, physically or mentally? Join the Injured Workers Support Network to continue supporting each other and fighting for justice for injured workers.

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