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What has changed in the 2017 OHS Regulations? Part I

Victoria's new Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 came into effect 18 June 2017, replacing the 2007 version. Part one of this webinar series examines what has changed, and what hasn't, in the OHS regulations. Renata Musolino is our featured guest providing expert commentary on this latest iteration of Victoria's OHS Regulations. 

Download the PowerPoint Presentation!

Q&A's sent in to 'Ask Renata' from Part I are available here.



World Cancer Day Webinar: Towards Zero Work-Related Cancer

Exposure to asbestos, chemicals, dust and UV at work is killing thousands of Australian workers. This Webinar is for HSRs, union officials and activists to discuss and identify the hazards at your workplace, and the strategies required to eliminate them

Together, #WeCanICan stop work-related cancers!



Consultation Masterclass

We recapped what we learnt at this year's HSR Conference and elaborated on the best ways to meaningfully engage your DWG & employer to achieve the best health & safety outcomes in your workplace.

This webinar goes beyond what is written in the OHS Act & Regulations to explore clear examples of how to engage your DWG and employer with consultation.



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