• Fighting Behavioural Based Safety





    Behaviour-based safety (BBS) programmes focus attention on worker "carelessness" and workers' "unsafe behaviours", placing the blame for safety problems in the workplace on workers themselves, and diverting attention from the root causes of the problem: hazards on the job, unsafe conditions, work restructuring, new technologies and other workplace changes. 

    Join us on October 26th, 7:00
    pm, as we discuss some of the problems associated with BBS, what you should know about it, and what you should do if BBS rears its ugly head at your workplace…either as a formal ‘program’ or otherwise. The latest in our webinar series will be co-hosted by Sarah Ross, an OHS Officer for the AMWU, to provide expert commentary on this ubiquitous, and dangerous, OHS trend in today's workplaces.

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