Diele, HSR & Nurse

What is the best tip you can give another HSR?

We do have influence in the workforce, and the law on our side to make changes in our working environment that benefits and improves our working conditions.

Why is this tip effective?

It's effective because we are able to refer to the OHS Act which gives us influence and credibility when wanting to implement changes or ascertain our rights as HSRs.


Can you describe a time when this tip helped you resolve a health and safety issue at work?

Being able to quote parts of the act when it came to my rights to attend refresher and other courses.


In terms of how you resolve OHS issues, what advice would you give a newly elected HSR? Or, what do you wish you had known when you first got elected as an HSR?

Know you have great resources available anytime such as WorkCover website and your union. Knowing your rights and that of your DWG.


What is your proudest moment as an HSR?

Being part of a committee that implements organisation's changes as well as smaller changes within the organisation.


Can you describe how you resolved one OHS issue in your workplace?

There were fumes coming in from a workshop and entering the office area. I was able to organise an evacuation of the immediate area. I then attended an incident report and accessed the area for potential changes.  I found the person responsible was using non-approved chemical. It resulted in the cessation of use of these chemicals.

Can you tell us about any clever strategies you have used to resolve health and safety issues at work?

There is power in numbers.

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