Des, HSR in Transport Industry

What is the best tip you can give another HSR?

Talk with your DWG all the time & get their opinions - you don’t know everything! Always take notes when you have a meeting with management & email the notes back to management so all agrees on what was said in meeting.

Can you describe a time when this tip helped you resolve a health and safety issue at work?

Management agreed with my findings when I did a risk assessment on staff working by themselves (with a LOT of debate from management). Then one time, management did not follow the agreement, so I forwarded the email to them showing them the agreement we had with staff working by themselves & I said if you do not follow this agreement again I have no option but to issue a PIN notice.


In terms of how you resolve OHS issues, what advice would you give a newly elected HSR? Or, what do you wish you had known when you first got elected as an HSR?

You have to know your facts because management have a lot of people behind them & they will try to bluff their way out of things, as well as bully & intimidate you. Always remember: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.


What is your proudest moment as an HSR?

When my DWG tells me I'm doing a great job & we know how hard you work for our OH&S. Also just getting elected & knowing my DWG will no longer be bullied, intimidated & pressured by management & things will be a lot safer.


Can you describe how you resolved one OHS issue in your workplace?

I went to talk with management about an OHS issue. As always they put up a wall to block me, so I worked harder & got advice of other HSRs & myself & my DWG had a win.


Can you tell us about any clever strategies you have used to resolve health and safety issues at work?

Work closely with other HSRs & the union & go to management with all of your findings.


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