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OHS Training Unit Enquiries

Lisa Mott

T: 9663 5460 or 9659 3511


OHS Trainer

Trevor Shewan

T: 9659 3568


Health and Safety Training Officer

Garry Cameron

T: 9659 3574

OHS Campaigns Team

Paul Sutton

Lead Organiser


OHS Online Organiser

Social media, this website, OHS Campaigns

Amy Jenkins


Safe at Work Organiser

Injured Workers Support Network, OHS Campaigns 

Sam Hatfield


OHS Online Organiser

OHS Network, OHS Webinars, OHS Campaigns

Roxanne Chaitowitz


OHS Website & Information Organiser (Mon - Wed), SafetyNET Journal, 'Ask Renata' for OHS advice

Renata Musolino



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